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Testing JavaFX Applications on JDK 9

It is a critical time to test and report bugs! Your help is needed. 

JDK 9 has passed the feature extension complete milestone. In the next few weeks, the development team will be fixing P1-P3 bugs. “Our focus will be on bugs that are new in JDK 9 (regressions.)” explains Kevin Rushforth on the openjfx-dev mailing list.

To test your JavaFX applications, download JDK 9 early access . Report any bugs via For discussion archives and comments visit OpenJFX discussions

You should also make sure to test any other applications with the JDK 9 early access build. If you need guidance on how to test applications, visit the OpenJDK wiki and under the adoption section, you will find a developer guide and more. 

Important links to bookmark:

  • Download JDK 9:
  • Report bugs:
  • Technical discussion related to OpenJFX:
  • OpenJDK Adoption:

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