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Java, C, C++ face growing competition in popularity

When it comes to programming, Java, C, and C++ still rule the roost, according to this month’s Tiobe index of language popularity. But all three have suffered downturns from where they stood in the index a year ago, with lesser-ranked languages grabbing away share.

Java maintained the top spot it has held since April 2015, with a rating of 16.676 percent, while C stays in second with a rating of 8.445 percent, followed by C++ in third place at 5.429. But Java has lost 4.47 percentage points year over year from last February, when it was rated at roughly 21.145 percent, while C is down a whopping 7.15 percentage points during that same time period. It was rated 15.594 a year ago. C++’s drop was less sharp compared to one year past, decreasing 1.48 percentage points from about 6.91 percent.

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