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Massive Open Online Course: Java Microservices

Learn to create RESTful Java microservices using Spring Boot and deploy them to the Cloud.  

In this new Java microservices massive open online course (MOOC), you will create your own microservices using Spring Boot. With Spring Boot, you will be able to develop a stand-alone, production grade application, in easy to deploy JAR or WAR formats.

Microservices are a compilation of independently deployable, small and modular application services. Each microservice has defined input and output exposed through RESTful endpoints. As a result, you can scale, replace and link to other services, such as caching, without any architectural changes.

This 3-week course covers:

  • Introduction to REST and Microservices
  • Building a RESTful Java Application with Spring Boot
  • Automating Build and Deploy with Developer Cloud Services 

The MOOC format:

  • Available to anyone at no charge. 
  • Self-paced online course with videos available 24/7. No evening calls or travel needed. 
  • Discussions with other students and teacher via the forum. 
  • Each week, one or more lessons will be available, including video materials, homework and a quiz.

After the 3 weeks 
Complete the three course quizzes and score at 70% or higher to receive a completion award. The quiz questions are based on the course materials and homework. 

The course will start March 13th, 2017. Space is limited. Register now 

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