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Google App Engine adds C#, Node.js, and Ruby options

Google is enhancing developer options on two fronts, adding language options to its App Engine PaaS cloud and moving its event-driven computing platform, Cloud Functions, to public beta. It announced the moves at the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco.

App Engine will now provide development environments for C#, Node.js, and Ruby, having already supported Go, Java 8, PHP 5-7, and Python 2 and 3 in a similar out-of-the-box manner. Node.js support had been on App Engine in a beta stage previously.

Google will give developers the option of using other languages on App Engine, provided they are willing to bring their own runtimes for them. App Engine also supports packaging applications as Docker containers, which could be run inside the Google cloud or elsewhere, and is getting better support for high-control scenarios, providing SSH (Secure Shell) access. A developer, for example, may want to do advanced debugging or gain more insight into their application.

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