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2017 JavaOne Live Streaming Day 2

Welcome to the second day of live streaming at JavaOne. Like yesterday, you can watch JavaOne sessions from six rooms at As you are watching the sessions, join the conversation on Twitter using #javaone and follow us @javaoneconf. 

At 8:30am PST, watch Collections Refueled by Stuart Marks. Mark Reinhold presents Modules in One Lesson at 11:00am PST and Migrating to Modules at 1:15pm PST.  On the Java EE 8 side, there are sessions about security, JAX-RS 2.1 and CDI. 

Java SE 9 Sessions: 

The Diabolical Developer’s Guide to Surviving Java 9 [CON4478]
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools Available in Your Java 9 “bin” Folder [CON4069]
Java 9 on Mobile (iOS/Android) [CON3699]
Collections Refueled [CON5965]
Modules in One Lesson [CON6120]
Fun Things to Do with Nashorn in Java 9 [CON4178]
Java LangSec: New Security Enhancements in Java 9 [CON4373]
Modularizing Acme Air: A Case Study in Modularizing a Java App [CON2997]
Building Mobile Apps with Gluon and JavaFX [CON5808]
Java 9: Search 9 TB in 0.9 Microseconds [CON4293]
Tuning G1 for Real-World Applications [CON4479]
Migrating to Modules [CON6122]
Modules Are Coming…to Libraries?? [BOF3707]

Java EE 8 Sessions: 

JSR 375: New Security APIs for Java EE [CON3544]
Modern Application and Microservices Security from EE 6 JASPIC to the EE 8 Security API [CON5954]
What’s New in JAX-RS 2.1? [CON3625]
CDI Ecosystem [BOF6113]

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