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Free Three Week Online Course: REST and Java Cloud Service

Are you looking to add REST-based access to your cloud? Rest API can help you create instances, scale, backup and restore. If you have some fundamental knowledge of REST and want to experiment with the cloud. Join this Massive open online course (MOOC) on Java Cloud service using REST. 
In this free 3 week course, you will learn about scaling, backup, management and more:
  • Basic REST Concepts(review)
  • Oracle Java Cloud Service Concepts and REST interfaces
  • Stack Manager Principles as they apply to Java Cloud Service and REST
  • Provisioning Java Cloud Service instances using Stack Manager
  • How to start/stop/manage and monitor Java Cloud Services using REST
  • How to backup, patch, scale in/out and up/down Java Cloud Service instances using REST
  • Working with Coherence and Traffic Director using REST.
Course Start:  04-April-2018
Course Close:  25-April-2018
Quiz Deadline: 02-May-2018
The MOOC format:
  • Available to anyone at no charge. 
  • Self-paced online course with videos available 24/7. No evening calls or travel needed. 
  • Discussions with other students and teacher via the forum. 
  • Each week, one or more lessons will be available, including video materials, homework, and a quiz.
After the 3 weeks 
complete the three-course quizzes and score at 70% or higher to receive a completion award. The quiz questions are based on the course materials and homework. 

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